MUS 101: Music Appreciation

3 credits | Prerequisites: None

Course rationale

Music appreciation is an introduction to the study of music to focus on the elements of music and their relationships, the musical characteristics of representative works of the greatest composers, common musical forms and genres of various Indian, Bengali and Global historical styles, periods and appropriate listening.

Course content

Fundamental elements of music; origin, history, and development of Bangla Music; Music of Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam; Songs of language movement & liberation war; Band and folk music of Bangladesh; Indian classical music; History of Global music; Western Music: Medieval era & Renaissance era; baroque, classical, romantic, modern & contemporary music; musical instruments.

Course objectives

Music 101 addresses the humanities component of the general education core, which states “students should understand the diversity of our cultural heritage and effects of artistic or philosophical influences”.

If the student uses this course to satisfy the humanities core value, she/he should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate how music uniquely expresses human thought, values, and emotion.
  2. Compare and contrast musical styles from different historical periods and cultures.
  3. Evaluate musical works in relation to the societies in which they were created.


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  2.  M. N. Mustafa, Our Music A Historical Study, Bangla Academy, Dhaka.
  3. Sri Georg Solti , Music, Kingfisher
  4. Sunil Bose, Indian classical music. New Delhi: Vikash publishing house
  5. Karunamya Goswami Aspect of Nazrul songs. Dhaka: Nazrul Institute.
  6. Karunamya Goswami The art of Tagore song. Dhaka: shahitto prokash.
  7. HugeMiller History of music. NY: Branes and noble.
  8. CraigWright listening to Western music. Belmont: Thomson schirmer.
  9. Sir S.M. Tagore, Universal History of Music
  10. Swami Prajanananda, A Historical study of Indian Music
  11. Dr. Sukumar Sen, History of Bengali Literature
  12. Prof. M.A. Rahim, Cultural History of Bengal
  13. Prof. M.A. Halim, History of Indo-Pak Music
  14. Bangladesh national culture and heritage: an introductory reader.
  15. Edited by A.F. Salahuddin Ahmed , Bazlul Mobin Chowdhury
  16. B. Chaitanya Deva , An Introduction to Indian Music