LFE 201: Live-in-Field Experience

3 credits | Prerequisites: None

Course rationale

This course will introduce students to the rural societies of Bangladesh and inspire them to understand the traditional societies in terms of modern statistical tools.

Course content

The university curriculum has been designed to provide education in subjects relevant to the country’s total development needs and future job or higher educational opportunities. To source this relevance every student is required to be familiar with the life of the majority of the population, their means, aspirations, and prospects of attainment. This population lives in rural areas. To provide future professional leadership to the country students must know the dynamics of national life and its progressive viability of economic, social, and environmental well-being. They have to learn the above both by experience and through field surveys.

Course objectives

  • To provide broad intellectual perspective and to instill an understanding of rural Bangladesh as an
    academic discipline and with practical world view and a holistic approach to Gram-Bangla and Urban
  • To develop basic knowledge, economic, social, daily activities of the rural community and its effect in the
    subsequent country;
  • To train students to come up with timely responses to critical issues and to think outside the box when it
    comes to bridge the rural and urban divide


  1. Biomedicine, Healing and Modernity in Rural Bangladesh By MD Faruk Shah.
  2. Economic Geography of Bangladesh By Haroun er Rashid. Publisher(s): The University Press Limited(UPL).
  3. Urbanization and Urban Poverty in Bangladesh. Panday, Pranab. (2020).