CHI 101: Elementary Chinese

3 credits | Prerequisites: None

Course rationale

This course introduces students to the Chinese language for basic communication. Students will be equipped with fundamental communication skills via lectures about basic Chinese vocabulary and grammar as well as comprehensive practices of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Opportunities for improving academic and workplace language proficiency are embedded in the course.

Course content

Course objectives

This course is based on the elementary level of Chinese language for students. After completing the course, students are expected to understand very simple oral and written texts and certain specific information on simple topics. After successful completion of this course, students will be able to immediately put their class learning into practice in handling their daily life and field trips. They will also learn how to use a dictionary and type characters. Chinese culture will be incorporated into language learning. Class activities include lectures, dialogues, presentations, role-playing, and projects. The objectives of this course are to teach basic elements of the Chinese Language for effective speaking and written communication in different real-life situations while increasing learners’ knowledge of Chinese language and awareness of the Chinese culture.


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