Department of Physical Sciences

School of Engineering, Technology and Sciences (SETS)

Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)



We offer Majors and Minors in Physics and Mathematics and teach all the General Education courses of physics and mathematics.


Our faculty members conduct research on mathematics, statistics, high energy physics, condensed matter physics, astronomy, plasma physics and fluid mechanics.


Our faculty members write popular science articles in Bangla and we organize olympiads and public outreach events for the public.

Recent News

New IUB paper on radio observations of galaxy clusters

A new paper associated with IUB has been published in the Monthly…

New paper on arXiv from Dr. Ghosh’s group

Title: Nodal-antinodal dichotomy from anisotropic quantum critical…

IUB Physical Sciences organize the 13th undergraduate math olympiad regional round

The National Undergraduate Mathematics Olympiad is an annual…

New paper from Dr. Ghosh’s group

Title: Holographic QFTs on AdS$_d$, wormholes and holographic…

Orientation and Farewell, Autumn 2022

Following the Covid-19 epidemic, the Department of Physical…

New paper on arXiv by Dr. Ghosh and Dr. Momen

An Effective Theory Of Anomalous Momentum Diffusion From Holography Abstract:…

IUB on research collaboration with CMS, Switzerland

An exploratory online meeting was held on November 10, 2020…

10th Bangladesh Physics Olympiad held at IUB

The 10th Dutch Bangla Bank-Prothom Alo Bangladesh Physics Olympiad…

Bangladesh Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics at IUB

The third Bangladesh Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics…

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Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy